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Why Do We Choose 304 Stainless Steel
- Jan 06, 2019 -

I. Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion resistance is the main attribute of stainless steel. Stainless steel slides exist in a large number of indoor and outdoor environments, such as parks and amusement parks, in addition to shopping malls and offices. However, the outdoor environment is relatively harsh. It is needless to say that stainless steel slides have better corrosion resistance, and 304 stainless steel can just meet this condition, and this characteristic is just right. In order to solve the influence of the changeable weather on the slide in Shanghai.

2. Heat Resistance and Thermal Conductivity

The stainless steel slides are inevitably exposed to the sun in use, and many stainless steel slides exist as escape passages. For example, in the fire, it is more necessary to have good heat resistance. Because of the friction between the human body and the slide, the lower thermal conductivity is more suitable for the use environment of the slide. 304 stainless steel has good heat resistance and low thermal conductivity, even in summer high temperature Shanghai is not affected at all.

3. Low Temperature Strength

Low temperature strength is generally said that many objects will be brittle at low temperature, steel is no exception, and 304 stainless steel even at low temperature also maintains high strength, which provides a guarantee for the use of stainless steel slides at low temperature.

4. Good hot working performance in stamping and bending

Because stainless steel slides need to be processed into buckets of bending in the process of processing, it is necessary for materials to be able to stamp and bend well in the process of hot processing.

5. Good machinability and weldability

Stainless steel slides can not be formed at one time because of the height and technical factors in the process of processing, so it needs to be processed and polished in stages, then jointed and welded. 304 stainless steel has satisfactory weldability and processing performance in the process of welding. It is a good stainless steel sliding material.