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The Basic Introduction Of Indoor Playground
- Dec 23, 2018 -

Indoor Playground can be said that it is a new, comprehensive children's paradise, is for the children Huan drilling, climbing, sliding, rolling, shaking, swinging, jumping, rocking and other nature of the design. Naughty Fort can cultivate children's independent personality, exercise the body, brain and intelligence. It has the characteristics of randomness, no power, interaction and safety, and is not restricted by the site. No matter it is indoor or outdoor, or irregular site, it can be installed, management is simple, there is no power equipment, maintenance is convenient. Naughty castle materials for engineering plastics, PVC skin, galvanized steel pipe frame, steel pipe, heavy artillery sponge and so on, according to different material properties, different programs of naughty castle selling price from 300 yuan per square meter to several thousand yuan per square meter ranging. 
No power refers to the naughty castle can be operated without any power plant, virtually saving operating costs, but also to protect the safety of visitors is also welcomed by buyers. 
The main events are trampoline, ocean ball pool, air gliding, single-planed bridge, iron rope bridge, driving cabin, rotary slide, slide pipe, rainbow ladder, rock climbing, Volcanic eruption, carbine gun, cannon, cartoon row, air car, coconut tree, water bed, balloon house, turn horse, time shuttle, happy octopus, inflatable jump bed, water slide, water roller, pirate ship, mini turntable animal rocking equipment.