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Selection And Orientation Of Theme Park
- Aug 02, 2018 -

As a professional engaged in theme park design, planning and planning units, experience tells us that only the basis of the six elements: accurate theme park design choice, the appropriate theme park site selection, unique theme park creativity and theme park cultural connotations, flexible marketing strategy, in-depth theme park product development, Theme park design to unique. Theme park design is to rely on creativity to promote the idea of tourism products, therefore, theme park theme selection is particularly important. The successful theme parks in the world are characterized by distinct personalities, just like walking in a painting, leaving an unforgettable impression on them. The theme park in China, most of the themes are repetitive, lack of individuality, to copy, imitate the majority of the content, the lack of scientific, authentic, artistic and interesting, the lack of serious market analysis and real creativity, landscape construction for landscaping, the result is of course, the results of the poor or hasty end, and caused by financial, human, the waste of material resources. Subject selection of theme park design is a decision-making process combining subjective judgment and rational market analysis. Theme park design is a reflection of the ability of the developer, knowledge and innovation, it requires the developer to have a keen sense of the market to capture the potential market opportunities, and the use of skilled business operation experience, organize professionals to refine the subject, packaging and design. At the same time theme park theme selection also relies on the results of market research conducted by the professionals concerned.

Market research can help theme park themes to actively cater to or guide the needs of consumers, so as to jump off the shadow of simple plagiarism, imitation.