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Prevent Injuries In Trampoline Park
- Dec 26, 2018 -

Trampoline Park has potential risks of injuries during players jumping. The trampoline park should fulfill its responsibility to guide the players jump according to safety rules. The below are some advices about how to get the players acquainted with the rules and thus to let them enjoy the great fun of jumping without any injury. 


All who enter must have a signed waiver. Signing the waiver is to improve the awareness of the dangers of jumping. The players or their guardians should read the safety rules one by one carefully so they will know clearly what they can do and what they cannot. It's very important.

Turn the safety rules into cartoon pictures for easy understanding, print out and show them at the entrance and in trampoline zone. 

Use big screens to play videos of incorrect  jumping movements and their potential dangers to improve the players' awareness. 

Train the guards to monitor the players during jumping. The guards should guide the players jump appropriately and stop any dangerous movements immediately. 
Be well aware of the capacity of the trampoline park. Do not let in too many players, or players may bump into each other without awareness and  it would be difficult for the guards to keep eyes on all of them.  

 Gripper socks or bare feet only on trampolines. Gripper socks would prevent slipping during jumping. Making gripper socks mandatory would decrease potential risks like sprain.