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Positioning Of Trampoline Park
- Dec 14, 2018 -

I. selection of target groups. 
1. Trampoline is a relatively novel project, especially in China, which has not yet been accepted and recognized by the general public. Therefore, regardless of whether it is intended to focus on adults or young people, the planning for children must also be taken into account. In the later period, it is necessary to promote adult consumption through children's consumption. 
2. Although young people are receptive to new projects and can actively participate in and accept different new things, they also have the largest number of repeat customers, but they have relatively no income and are controlled by parents and other external fresh things; For example, games have a greater impact. 
3. The middle-aged and young belong to the mainstay of trampoline park consumption, have a fixed source of income, although the speed of accepting new things is not as fast as teenagers, but generally speaking, it is relatively positive. 
II. Considerations. 
Trampoline park should be operated with long-term stickiness. That is, children can either develop long-term hobbies, or exercise the skills, or can provide high-quality playmate circle. (commonly known as benefit, benefit to children). 
2. Trampoline park site selection must be good. Location convenience, parking convenience, whether the environment is good or not, and how crowded on weekends should all be taken into account. (peripheral environment). 
3. Whether there is the possibility of fissile consumption. Be able to invite and summon a certain number of players to consume at any time.