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Introduction Of Ninja Warrior Project
- Dec 20, 2018 -

Ninja Warrior, also known as Warrior Road, ninja space. 
It's one of the hottest games in Trampoline Park. 
Originated from a television program in the United States, 
There are all kinds of projects, 
It's a whole new way to challenge your balance, strength and agility. 
Challengers strive to meet these challenges and improve their overall capabilities. 
Very suitable for children and adults. 
The Ninja Road aims to blend running, jumping, climbing and balancing. 
To create interesting adventures, 
It also provides amazing exercise. 
You can also develop your child's stamina and stamina, 
After the success of the game to bring players pleasure and a sense of achievement. 
The main projects are through the jungle, U-type climbing ladder, ribbon, sponge belt, 
Suspended doors, bridges, pontoons, crawls, rings, anklets, 
Ring taxiing, eaves, heights, rope, balance beam, ladders and other functions.

To play ninja, you need to move all parts of your body to work harmoniously, 
Needs the hand, the foot, the eye and the body synthesis coordination. 
So it improves the coordination of the child's body, 
Make them more flexible and responsive. 
It's very good for your physical development, 
It also enables the child to explore the environment, 
To satisfy his curiosity.