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Indoor Trampoline Park Site Selection
- Jan 09, 2019 -

1. To build a trampoline paradise, the venue is a top priority and a necessary condition for successful operation. Before the site selection, the following three points must be clear: site specificity, basic positioning, and research necessity.

1 Site specificity requirements: The trampoline site requires shape rules, with fewer columns and a height of 5.2 meters. These requirements determine the difficulty of the site.

2 Basic positioning: Investors need to have a basic positioning of the built trampoline park, such as player objects, venue size, etc. If the age group is 3-12 years old, the venue can be up to 300 levels. If it is for all ages, it is recommended to be above 600 ping.

3 Necessity of research: Trampoline is a risky but high return on investment, so it is necessary to do market research on the site.