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Humanized Design Principle Of Children's Playground
- Dec 17, 2018 -


First, the principle of safety

Children are highly vulnerable and vulnerable groups, and safety issues cannot be put first in the design of recreational equipment for children's activities. The site of the children's activity site is as far away from the roadway and surrounding environment is more messy, the mobility of public places, and can not let the children's activity site and the surrounding environment lost contact, become a visual dead end, to prevent the threat of vehicles, crime to children.

In addition, we should pay attention to the safety of active equipment and the safety of site detail design, can not appear dangerous protrusion (such as nails and bolts, etc.) amusement equipment, extrusion point, sharp the edges, sharp corners, and openings that may hold children's heads and fingers to avoid accidental injuries when children are active.

Second, the principle of a child-oriented

The design should serve children for the purpose, the design of all kinds of amusement equipment and the layout of game facilities should conform to the physical characteristics of children's groups, activity scale.

Therefore, when designing for children, special attention must be paid to children in the activity space Eyes and body scales as you move around, run, climb, and crawl.

Finally the principle of t eaching and fun

Taking into account the diverse needs of children's activities, the design should integrate participation, diversity, knowledge and fun, create a relaxed, natural and functional venue for children, and give a certain cultural connotation, so that the environment has the potential role of teaching and fun, so that children in the play to increase knowledge.