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Development And Renewal Of Theme Park
- Aug 02, 2018 -

Leisure Quest that the result of tourism market competition is the ultimate attraction of brand-name tourism products, attract more customers, a theme park in the market occupy a certain share, must realize the brand of tourism products, and strive to improve the brand's reputation and reputation, so as to form a tourism brand, establish a brand image. As international media companies are also aware of the potential of the theme products, they are joining in the development of the theme products, and the theme park design products are not limited to the theme park. With the development of science and technology, the traditional theme park design and a one-way partnership between the media and the toy industry have been changed, and the dominance of film and television producers has been replaced.

Many businesses will be familiar with children's toys repackaging, as a game element into the computer games to enter the multimedia, and it into the story of the film and television programs play, and then in the construction of theme park to absorb its elements, forming an interactive effect, promote the theme park, film and television interaction and integration development.