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Design Of Theme Park Location
- Aug 02, 2018 -

Site selection is an important factor influencing the success of theme park design. The theme park site must be determined based on a detailed analysis of the surrounding tourist market and field visits, and should never be imagined, rashly.

To construct a good theme park, we should give full attention to market analysis and market possession, make correct commercial value judgment on cultural connotation, improve the rate of return and investment income ratio, and promote the development of other industries in the region through the tourism multiplier effect. First of all, the tourist market of theme park is closely related to the number of resident population and floating population in the surrounding area. In general, the area within a 1-hour drive around the theme park is its main market location, with a population of at least 2 million people, and a 2-3-hour drive area with a secondary market location and a population of more than 2 million people;

Third market location and long-distance tourists mainly rely on the theme park brand influence and convenient transportation system to import. Secondly, in general, the theme park High investment, consumption of the characteristics of its hinterland by the social and economic impact. Therefore, in the theme park design site, should first consider the economically developed areas.

The same theme in the same area of the theme park is dense distribution, it is bound to cause a shortage of tourists to enterprises vicious competition. Third, the theme park design site selection also need to fully consider the location of the site traffic conditions to facilitate the free flow of passengers. The area in which the theme park is located requires a more robust three-dimensional transport system, particularly in the vicinity of the theme park, where there is at least one major road to accommodate large traffic and a good interchange, as well as a secondary road that can be used as an emergency entry point. Theme park developers should actively create good external conditions, and actively guide and quickly transport customers.