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Design And Construction Of Theme Park
- Aug 02, 2018 -

Theme park Design Theme selection needs innovative thinking, theme park management more need to continue to introduce new. Only in this way, the theme park design can bring visitors a sense of freshness, the life cycle can be extended. In the theme of creativity and planning, should be closely around the "needs of tourists", highlighting the characteristics of leisure and entertainment, performance of "Tourism new form."

To this end, the developer in the theme park landscape design, tourism products Follow-up update must go in the forefront of the market.

1. Creative design of theme landscape At present, the development of theme park design in China has a typical characteristic, that is the life cycle, many theme parks in the first few years before the opening to reach a certain peak will be difficult to surpass again, began to decline. The main cause of this situation is that most of the theme parks in China are static landscape, tourists are the pure sightseeing activities, participatory entertainment projects are relatively few, relatively easy to feel boring.

This kind of intuitive static landscape, tourists after a visit after a lack of power to repeat consumption, resulting in a low rate of visitors to revisit

2. Planning and design of theme park design Theme park static man-made landscape once completed with a certain degree of stability, after all, limited follow-up plastic space, and participate in the experience of the project determines whether the core attraction of the park is sustainable development, so the packaging design of these projects should be designed by the professional subjective creative packaging. such as Oct company in the layout of the square show on the continuous innovation, its introduction of the "Emerald", "Genesis", "Jianghai" and other large-scale dance performances beautiful, organized Torch Festival, beer Festival and other folk festivals Carnival, theme evening brilliant, in addition to the amusement Project packaging also developed a large number of attractive themes, such as the "Ant Kingdom" of Happy Valley, "Trojan Horse" and so on.

These fascinating project designs have greatly improved the theme park revisit rate and set a successful example of our theme park design extension life cycle.