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Cultural Connotations Of Theme Parks
- Aug 02, 2018 -

Leisure Quest that a theme park design has no development potential, there is no vitality, its implication of cultural connotations plays a very important role. Therefore, the tourism and culture must be closely blended together, the culture as a tourism to operate, through the excavation and promotion of culture to develop a comprehensive tourism, in order to operate a multi-faceted culture of tourism, to give theme park rich cultural connotations, thus creating a distinctive tourism culture. The entertainment mode that modern tourists pursue is that not only have the body's sensory experience, but also have spiritual experience, from this level, the unique cultural connotation is also the core meaning of attracting tourists. Therefore, before conceiving the construction of a theme park, we must make a thorough study of the site selection, analyze the history and the original tourism resources, and try to match the theme with its culture.

Only the continuous excavation of cultural connotations, tourism products can be perfected, enriched and updated to attract customers, in order to create a good economic and social benefits. The theme park is a new tourist attraction which is produced by the modern tourism in the course of the development of tourism resources, and it is one or more specific subject of natural resources and humanities resource, adopts modern science and technology and the setting way of multi-level space activity, sets up many entertainment content,

Leisure elements and service reception facilities in one of the modern tourist destinations. Mr Mazhimin, who is known as the "father of the Chinese theme park", believes that theme parks are a relatively poor area for tourism and a complement to the many needs and choices of travellers. This point of view illustrates a basic feature of the theme park-Relativity, which is closely related to the concept of tourism resources relative to the choice of tourists. "Theme park" in China's production and development, has always been the tourism industry this "visible hand" plays an extremely important role. Mr. Mazhimin's view should be a sublimation of the concept of "theme park", more clearly explain the origin meaning of "theme park"--a kind of demand form and choice direction of tourists.