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China Theme Park Market.
- Dec 18, 2018 -

Enter the stage of structural reform on the supply side. 

After entering 2018, the rapid development of the theme park economic environment quietly changed: first, the Chinese economy is undergoing structural adjustment transition, the growth rate has slowed down, the theme park construction heat has an impact. Second, commercial activities in real estate under the name of theme parks have been strictly controlled. On March 9, A number of ministries and commissions jointly issued "guidance opinions on standardizing the Construction and Development of theme Parks," which put forward strict land use management for the construction of theme parks, strict adherence to the red line of ecological protection, strict approval procedures, strict control of real estate trends, and strict prevention of local areas. Five standardized measures of debt risk. Third, although the scale of Chinese consumers' cultural consumption and tourism consumption continues to expand, consumers' demand for cultural content and tourism experience is getting higher and higher, so it is difficult for general theme parks to have consumer attraction. 

It can be inferred that China's theme park market is entering a key period of supply-side structural reform. 

In this period, theme park enterprise revenue will experience decline and adjustment. In the first half of 2018, the total revenue of the four theme parks listed in China: overseas Chinese Town, Song City Performing Arts, Dalian Shengya and Haichang Ocean Park was 6.985 billion yuan. Compared with the 8.601 billion yuan in the same period last year, the revenue of Changzhou Dinosaur Park and Huaqiang Fangte, listed in the new third board theme park, was 210 million yuan and 1.9 billion yuan respectively in the first half. Although the growth rate was 8.52% and 7.09% year on year, compared with the previous year, the growth rate also appeared to be weak and narrow. 

In this period, the theme park market will experience the transformation process from the quantity growth to the quality promotion.The main body of the market will experience reshuffle, toward the brand, the direction of internationalization; investors pay more attention to market investment risk, the theme park project investment more cautious.In general, the number of theme parks will remain stable or even decrease, and the number of theme parks will change from quantity growth to quality improvement under the regulation of the market.