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Characteristics Of Single Event In Trampoline Theme Park.
- Jan 08, 2019 -

Target clientele span: 5-25 years old, the main clientele including family parent-child, junior high school, university and just graduated young white-collar; 

Leisure sports attributes: light sports combined with a large number of methods of play, exercise intensity, the degree of stimulation is optional, both for the lack of sports for ordinary people, but also to attract people who like the challenge of sports; 

Light peak season obvious: winter, summer, weekend for the obvious peak season, to family parent-child and student passenger flow, workdays to young white-collar, team building, trampoline training as the main; 

High site requirements: general requirements in the area of 1500 square meters above, floor height of 6-10 meters, equipped with air-conditioning and fresh air system, easily accessible and have a large number of parking spaces, and preferably sports or parent-child family consumption supporting atmosphere; In the urban area can satisfy the above request the site is few, needs to do the massive transformation; 

Radius of influence: trampoline park is a new category in China, customers are willing to spend, more than half an hour away from the target consumer.