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Broad Prospects For The Development Of Children's Market
- Jan 10, 2019 -

In recent years, children's naughty castle project has gradually developed into an investment project trusted by operators with the advantages of easy operation, moderate investment and easy management. Children's Naughty Castle is in full bloom in shopping malls, supermarkets, kindergartens and squares. Many investors who want to join the industry have such doubts: Is it too late to open a children's naughty castle? What is the future of the market? Here's Alexis to help you out.

There are about 230 million babies born in China every year, of which 70 million are 0-3 years old and the total number of children is 380 million. According to the survey data, only 20% of China's children's playground market has been developed. With the full implementation of the second child policy and the rapid development of children's economic consumption, the future children's playground market can be said to be "considerable money"!