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Analysis On The Present Situation Of Trampoline Industry.
- Jan 11, 2019 -

Trampoline is not only a sports event but also a kind of amusement equipment which is made of bouncing surface and is like a kind of bed surface for people to bounce for entertainment. In addition to professional sports with trampoline, its more in the playground, children's paradise and other places, is a paradise for children's entertainment. Trampoline product supply groups are divided into adults and children two distinct groups, for children are more recreational facilities, and for adults mainly to fitness exercise equipment. Therefore, the development of safety and technology of trampoline is one of the problems that people pay more attention to. 
The industry product classification has the different classification standard according to the different standard. The first kind of classification can be divided into steel frame trampoline and inflatable trampoline according to the materials of trampoline products. Most of the children's amusement centers in the city's shopping malls are dominated by inflatable trampolines. Outdoor children's amusement park and sports trampoline are mainly steel frame trampoline; the second kind of classification according to the age level of users can be divided into adult trampoline and children trampoline. 

The quantity of patent application can reflect the technical level of an industry and the active degree of industrial technology in different stages. It is generally believed that the more patent applications are filed, the higher the technical active degree of the industry is, and the better the technical environment of the industry is. According to the number of patent applications in trampoline industry, the number of patent applications in the industry has been on the rise from 2000 to 2016, with the most obvious increase since 2014. The number of patent applications filed by the trampoline industry in 2016 was 173, an increase of 48 over 2015.After several years of accumulation of patent applications, by 2017, the number of industry patent applications fell to 111, a more significant reduction. 

From the perspective of patent applications in trampoline industry, the technical environment of the industry has improved in recent years, but overall, there is still more space for patent applications.