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Advantages Of Stainless Steel Slide
- Dec 16, 2018 -

First of all, from the raw material point of view, stainless steel slide has strong strength, strong structure, environmental protection material, safety and reliability. Stainless steel slides, using 304 stainless steel, you are not unfamiliar with it, because 304 stainless steel material is mostly used in tableware field, so the safety of the material itself is beyond doubt; followed by stainless steel material is stable, non-fading, smooth surface, more suitable for making slides.

Then from the design point of view, stainless steel slides and slides are firmly not allowed to have sharp corners, because this will hurt the delicate skin of children, so in need of place to use rounded corners or arcs excessive. Next, the metal texture of stainless steel slides can reflect the sense of technology and future in the design and attract the attention of children, because the main users of stainless steel slides are still children! In view of this, from the height of the slide, too high or too low are not appropriate, children's stainless slides do not exceed 5 m, adult slides do not exceed 15 m, mainly for safety considerations.


Secondly, the handrails on both sides of the slide are also very important, because they must be set to prevent children from potential safety hazards, so the handrails on both sides of stainless steel slide are mostly integrated with the slide. Finally, the armrest height of stainless steel slides mainly considers the age of children, because children are lively and active, so different slides can be selected for different age groups.