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About The Indoor Trampoline Park Business License Registration Process
- Jan 07, 2019 -

Registration Content: Sports Culture or Sports Management Related Content

1. Company name (pre-revision of alternative names for more than 5 companies)

2. The real estate certificate of the company's registered address and the copy of the ID card of the owner of the real estate license (the unit property must be stamped with the official seal of the property right unit on the copy of the real estate certificate and the lease of the house; high-tech zone, economic development zone, new station zone Resident residential houses need to provide the original real estate certificate to the Industry and Commerce Bureau for verification)

3. Prepare the original ID card of all shareholders (if the registered capital is provided by the customer, only need to provide a copy of the ID card; if the company legal person is registered in the new station area, economic development zone, high-tech zone, the original residence permit is required)

4. Proportion of capital contribution by all shareholders (shareholders' share of company shares)

5, the company's business scope (the company's main business, some scope may involve the qualification or license)