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A Probe Into The Phenomenon Of Pan-theme Parks.
- Jan 16, 2019 -

Theme Park as a New Tourism Resource. 
Source, is a strong driving role in promoting the tourism industry. 
Development. The so-called pan-theme park phenomenon is just a general phenomenon. 
The scenic spots draw lessons from the methods and means of building theme parks. 
For the establishment of facilities specifically designed to serve tourism. 
Definition of a theme park. 
Regarding the definition of theme park, different scholars have. 
Different interpretations. Bao Jigang (1994) thinks: subject Public. 
Garden is a kind of artificial tourism resource, which focuses on the special. 
To create a series of ideas around one or more themes. 
Projects with a special environment and atmosphere attract tourists; 
Dong Guanzhi (2005) believes that theme parks are designed to meet the needs of. 
The diversification of tourists' needs and choices for leisure and entertainment. 
Create a kind of creative garden clue and planning. 
Modern tourism destination form of activity mode; Lou Jiajun. 
(1998) think: So-called theme park is modern tourism. 
In the course of the development of tourism resources. 
New tourist attractions are natural and human resources. 
Marginal resources, information resources and tourism enterprise's management activity based on gis. 
Dynamic combination of leisure vacation and tourism activities space, is. 
According to a specific theme, the use of modern science and technology. 
Operation and multi-level space activity set up way, set a lot of. 
Entertainment content, leisure elements and service and reception facilities. A modern tourist destination.