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Type of theme park
- Aug 02, 2018 -

According to the type of tourism experience, the theme park can be divided into five categories, namely: situation simulation, amusement, sightseeing, theme and amorous experience, 4D experience.

Amusement type The most impressive one is the amusement theme park. Amusement park, also known as amusement parks, offers exciting rides and mobile games for tourists who are looking for a stimulating sensation.

Another memorable theme park type is scenario simulation, which is a variety of film and television city theme park.

Sightseeing type

The sightseeing theme park concentrates some famous landscapes or feature landscapes, allowing visitors to enjoy the most characteristic landscapes in a short time.

Theme Type All kinds of aquariums and wildlife parks are theme-themed parks. As for the theme park with the experience of amorous feelings, the different national customs and national colors will be displayed in front of the visitors.