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The marketing strategy of theme park
- Aug 02, 2018 -

Increase the rate of revisit How to improve the revisit rate of theme park is one of the most urgent problems in the development of modern theme park, and also the main way of sustainable development of theme park. The potential consumer within the radius of effective customer is the most conditional and most likely to tour the consumer group, the effective source of the market radius generally refers to the theme park around the 200~300 kilometer range.

The theme park developer needs to adopt the flexible marketing strategy for the effective customer source radius market, can change the marketing strategy through the following three kinds of ways. First, the developer must pass the new tourism content of the theme park to the potential consumers through effective means of communication, raise the exposure rate of the theme park, deepen its impression on the potential consumers, or stimulate the curiosity of the potential consumers by photographing the film and television works in the theme park. Through film and television photography and other ways to greatly expand its visibility, so as to achieve the effect of pulling consumption.

In short, developers should pay attention to the theme park all kinds of positive information to the market transmission, to maintain its lasting charm to consumers. Second, the developer needs for the theme park location of the economic consumption level and the flow of light peak season fluctuations, in addition to flexible pricing outside the most important is the park's amusement project settings, let souvenir back and forth.

To increase the rate of revisit in the local market. Third, China's theme park tourist market positioning generally more extensive, as the market competition intensifies, some developers began to face specific market tailored design theme park, in marketing to strive for market segments. At the same time, some large theme park developers to prevent the new theme park diversion customers, in the theme of the new theme park selection, tourism project design has also consciously strengthened the target market.

Create a complete industrial chain The main profit point of the world's successful theme park is entertainment, catering, accommodation and other facilities, ticket income only as a daily maintenance costs. The income structure of the theme park, the ticket income occupies only 20~30%, other operating income occupies the big head, mainly relies on unceasingly promotes the brand to attract the visitor, obtains the ticket income at the same time, through sells has the intellectual property characteristic the tourist souvenir to obtain two times the profit, also because the souvenir sale further expands the brand This profit model has a tenacious vitality.

Therefore, the restructuring of the profit model can successfully transform and get a way out. Another successful profit model of theme park is "theme park industrialization Development", that is, to create the theme park industry chain, the theme tourism and the theme of real estate, combined with the theme of business, break through the concept of a single tourism or real estate, the associated industry together, mutual reliance, mutual promotion. The landscape of real estate, commerce and parks can be borrowed from each other, and the plans of the three are echoed to become a relatively perfect human settlement system that integrates the elements of residence, entertainment and commerce.

In addition, it has promoted the comprehensive development of holiday facilities and other industries associated with theme parks, such as travel agencies, cabaret, dance and entertainment, planning and design, animation, online games, and theme-related consumer goods.

Although the current theme park industry in China under the influence of all kinds of optimistic and not optimistic, in the situation of mixed half, but we have reason to believe that after careful planning and design, continuous innovation and strict management of the theme park will have a bright future.