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The future of the theme park
- Aug 02, 2018 -

With the increasing competition in the theme park industry, the domestic excellent theme park enterprises pay more and more attention to the research of the industry market, especially to the enterprise development environment and customer demand trend change in-depth research.

Because of this, a large number of domestic excellent theme park brand rapid rise, and gradually become the theme park industry leaders!

Theme park Construction Consulting and Planning design construction integrated general rules The construction of the theme park Wave, in China's real estate developers to promote the next wave higher than a wave, enclosure movement of another form of performance.

With the eastern Oct and Infante as the southern faction of the domestic entertainment experience area and the European and American faction represented by Disney, the current trend of the local cultural theme faction of Chinese traditional culture is a strong advance. The construction of the theme park is a more complicated subject than the museum, Science and Technology Museum, Planning Hall, which need to consider all aspects of the soft environment design and hard implementation, ergonomics and human psychology and other environmental studies. The subject is more difficult. At present, the domestic theme park market area of the planning and design units are mainly a number of traditional landscape design companies to the fencing, in one of the project came out, there are many problems, show the theme off.

This is a problem that makes investors very headache, the cost of subsequent renovation is staggering.