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How to build a theme park
- Aug 02, 2018 -

On the construction of Urban theme park tourism planning, tourism planning experts said: "Theme park-type creative tourism complex is a man-made tourism attraction, according to one or more specific themes, the use of modern science and technology and multi-level space activities to set the way to become a gathering of many entertainment content, Leisure elements and service reception facilities in one of the modern tourist sites.

"Understanding these, then the city park construction will become the Jiuquan important urban construction content as follows: Jiuquan City Park types of diverse, natural landscape and cultural themes are different, but basically in the park to watch the primary stage of development, the entire park system lacks dynamic interactive experience activities, in strengthening the park greening and supporting leisure facilities on the basis of speeding up the corresponding entertainment, commercialization, branding construction, is a part of Jiuquan City Park in the future development of an important direction, North Suburbs Park as a city theme park in the new round of park tourism planning and construction to clear their own comprehensive advantages? Tourism planning expert Dr Zixiapo: "To grasp the pulse of Jiuquan City theme park Tourism planning construction, we must determine the new development direction, will be its sustainable tourism planning and construction and tourism development of an important prerequisite! "

The successful development of North suburb Park is not only related to itself, but also to one of "two belts", that is, the construction of the inner ring green Belt in the Northern River is playing an important role in the future. Theme park Tourism planning is a new tourist attraction produced by modern tourism in the course of the development of tourism resources, in 1955, Walt Disney, the famous American cartoon maker, built Disneyland in Los Angeles, marking the birth of the theme park for more than more than 50 years of history. The development of Chinese theme park has been developed to the third generation of theme park products since 1983 because of the four masterpieces and the construction of the Grand View Garden and Journey to the palace.

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