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Development trend of Theme park
- Aug 02, 2018 -

Under the role of tourist demand and technological opportunity, the theme park of the 21st century has leapt to a comprehensive and innovative development platform, and we have summed up the development trend of 9 aspects of theme park, which show the development trend of substantial change.

The cultural nature and pluralism of the theme In the theme park growth process, the theme has three aspects of the role of the first: it is a logical relationship with affinity, with this relationship between the theme park and the target audience can interact. Second: It is a kind of powerful garden clues. With this kind of clues, visitors can experience a special feeling in it. Third: It is a kind of expansion of the product chain, with this chain, theme park will be able to continuously improve the product system and enhance product function modern tourism behavioral studies show that Tourism is essentially the behavior and process of tourists seeking and appreciating cultural differences the future theme park will pay more attention to the nature of tourism behavior and highlight the cultural nature of the theme in the theme selection. With the quickening of the process of social opening and the deepening of borderless economic cooperation, tourists ' curiosity and thirst for exotic culture will become more and more strong, and the culture of trans-regional space will be the leading direction of theme park Choice theme as the impact of social transformation and the growth of human relations diaphragm. The sense of identity and introspection of tourists to traditional culture will become more and more in-depth, and the traditional culture of returning to simplicity will be the value orientation of theme park Choice subject with the increasing progress of gardening technology and the increasingly rich expression means. In the cultural and philosophical culture of the ecological culture utensils, the freedom of theme park choice theme will be enlarged obviously, and a theme of multiple subtopics will become a reality. It can be said that the choice of theme in the space dimension, Time dimension, factor dimension of the structure will be increasingly diversified. The overall trend is manifested between native culture and exotic culture.

The trend of exotic culture, between traditional culture, modern culture and future culture, tends to traditional culture, between ecological culture, utensils culture and philosophical culture, and tends to utensil culture.

The interaction and modernization of products With the acceleration of science and technology, the increasing popularity of information technology and virtual technology, the theme park will continuously improve the scientific and technological content of products. Enhance interaction between technology and technology, between technology and projects, and between projects and visitors. The overall trend is as follows: First, in the form of manual products and information products form the system will be more interactive, mutual infiltration, interaction, promote the diversification of product forms. Second, under the support of High-tech, new power, materials, new performance of the machine product form will continue to emerge, a higher altitude, more steep, faster, dizzy spinning stronger, safer and more secure ride products will be more abundant. Even within a certain time scale will become the mainstream. Thirdly, with the advent of the information age and the maturity of the virtual technology, the Intellectualization and virtualization of the theme park product form will accelerate the process. It can be said that under the guidance of modern technology, theme park product form has entered the development stage of conceptual innovation.