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Defining the nature of theme park
- Aug 02, 2018 -

The theme park tourism planning from the actual function and the nature judgment, is belongs to "the urban forest" the category, the theme park tourism planning project should have the originality, the revelation significance, the theme is the theme park soul simultaneously also is the theme park distinguishes from other commercial recreational facilities the essential characteristic.

Successful theme park Tourism planning operation experience shows that theme park theme must be clear, for specific segments of the tourism market to meet the needs of specific customers, the theme structure can be a theme multiple sub-themes, can also be a park multiple themes. "Urban Forest" is the integration of cities and forests, in the landscape design, tourism planning and construction and management of scenic spots in the process, involving forest tourism, landscape engineering, eco-tourism, and many other disciplines and departments. The "Urban Forest" was first proposed by Professor Erik Jorgensen of Canada in the 1960s, and immediately received the attention of national forestry experts, governments and the public to the international "urban forest" tourism planning concept has not been clearly defined.

The consensus is that the urban forest is a woody plant-oriented vegetation system; the growth environment of this kind of vegetation is the city and its surrounding area, it is not to produce wood as the main goal, but to improve the urban ecological environment, promote people's health, improve the cultural standard of living for the purpose. Urban park, Urban green space is the main content of each city tourism planning and construction, however, the emphasis, introduction and practice of urban forest tourism are just beginning, the urban forest represents the advanced construction view, development view and values of the city, Jiuquan, through the construction of the North suburb Park, has actually begun to introduce the concept of urban forest into the urban construction

, how to further enhance the construction, through the evolution of morphology and function, the North suburb park-Urban forest into the city texture, truly embodies the advanced concept of Jiuquan City construction, it is the main goal of this tourism planning project.