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Analysis on the development of theme park
- Aug 02, 2018 -

From 1989 China's first theme park "Splendid China" was born, to today's Shanghai Disneyland opened, dream Factory settled, the Chinese theme park construction from the brand to the introduction of brand, after more than 20 years of development. From the original Oct, to the later Huaqiang Group and today's housing companies such as Vanke, Shimao, bi GUI garden, Zhonghong Real Estate, are involved in the theme park-oriented tourism real estate.

Some experts believe that China's theme park has more than 2,500, 70% losses, 20% flat, only 10% profit.

Background analysis The era of China's theme park has come, big and small theme park springing up again, the whole China seems to have a whirlwind of theme park, Beijing's Happy Valley, Wuhu Infante Happy World, Guangzhou's long Happy World, the mysterious Island in Zhuhai, the Discovery Kingdom of Dalian, the Phoenix Mountain theme park in Ningbo,

Fushun's Royal Polar Ocean World, Hong Kong Disneyland, as well as Qingdao's polar Ocean world have opened a welcome, and then there are the Universal Studios in Tianjin theme park, Shanghai is still in preparation for the Shanghai Disneyland. According to the National Tourism Administration's forecast, the total domestic travel consumption will reach RMB 1 trillion in 2010, and tourism will become a hot spot of consumption in conjunction with automobiles and real estate. The structure of China's tourist consumption expenditure is the low proportion of lodging, catering and other expenses, and the proportion of tourist attraction tickets is higher.

According to this model, the total domestic tourism consumption will be hundreds of millions of yuan for the expenditure of tourist attractions, theme park as a new tourist attractions will be a significant gain. In China, the first real significance of the large-scale theme park is opened in 1989 Shenzhen Jinxiu China miniature scenic spot.

Thanks to the Dutch "Madulodan" small country Enlightenment, splendid China will be China's mountains and cultural monuments in miniature model of the way to show up, made a sensational success, opened a year to receive more than 3 million of the tourists, 100 million yuan investment in only one year of time to recover all. The theme park's good economic and social benefits have played a strong role in demonstration, leading to another investment boom in the the early 1990s theme park. Since the 1980s, the whole country has developed a theme park-style tourism point more than 2,500, investment funds up to more than 300 billion yuan.